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Cooperation in clinical trials in Pratia centers

Over 150 doctors of many medical specializations have trusted us. The participation in clinical trials enables our researchers, supported at every stage of the process by coordinators, administrators and nursing staff, to acquire unique knowledge and experience in the field of clinical trials, as well as building a more permanent relationship with the patient.

The excellent location of our centers, modern technological facilities, and extensive and professional medical staff provide us with a competitive advantage. We are distinguished by many years of experience in conducting detailed medical and lab documentation in accordance with the principles of Good Clinical Practice (GCP).


Well-being of the patient

Building a longer lasting relationship with the patient


The opportunity to gather experience in a given field of medicine through access to new therapies


The possibility of making a real contribution to the search for new drugs and therapies that may save health and life in the future

Doctor reviews

The possibility of directing the patient to the clinical research center increases the therapeutic possibilities. Patients have access to modern therapy and more frequent specialist monitoring in this way. The possibility of establishing cooperation with a clinical trial center extends the range of available methods of diagnosis and treatment. The cooperation between the attending physician and the clinical trial center must be bilateral. Conducted activities at the clinical trial center must be clear and transparent to the physician conducting the illness in the basic unit, as well as any changes and any events should be reported to the clinical trial center by the attending physicians. Therefore, the willingness to cooperate on the part of the clinical research center has nothing to do with interference in the competence of leading physicians, and to a large extent it should increase their credibility in their patients.

Dr Szymon Płaczek


We invite you to contact Clinical Research Specialists who answer any questions and will be happy to meet you in order to present cooperation opportunities.

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