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Małopolska Medical Centre joins the Pratia Network

Pratia S.A.[joint-stock company], a part of the NEUCA Group has joined forces with the Małopolska Medical Centre (MCM), which specializes in clinical trials in hemato-oncology and autoimmune diseases. It is the largest independent clinical research centre in Poland and at the same time it is the tenth branch of this type in NEUCA structures. Thanks to this acquisition, the Group is broadening the scale of its operations and strengthening its competences in research on medical products used, among others, in cancer therapies. The Małopolska Medical Centre, on the other hand, is increasing the scale of its operations thanks to its cooperation with the largest network of clinical research centres.

– In the last 20 years we have managed to create the largest independent clinical research centre in Poland. In an era of progressive consolidation in the world of clinical research, we have decided to join a larger organization that shares our values: the patient’s well-being, the highest quality of data and the professional development of the people we cooperate with. We hope that by using the most modern solutions in the field of patient recruitment and clinical trial management offered by Pratia we will increase our own development opportunities – says prof. Mariusz Korkosz, the founder of MCM, currently Medical Director of Pratia and Principal Investigator.

The Małopolska Medical Centre in Krakow currently is conducting about 70 clinical trials in the field of hematology, as well as rheumatology, dermatology, neurology, and gastroenterology. The Centre meets the highest standards of quality and safety in accordance with the requirements of, among others, American Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is equipped with modern medical equipment enabling complex clinical trials and advanced diagnostics (including densitometry, capillaroscopy).
– The investment in the Małopolska Medical Centre will significantly strengthen our competences in the promising clinical trials market, especially in the field of oncology. We believe that thanks to this cooperation, we will contribute to the introduction of innovative cancer therapies. We are pleased that Pratia has quickly become the operator of the largest network of clinical research centres in the country. In the future, we are also counting on further synergies and cooperation with drug manufacturers as part of the core business of the NEUCA Group – adds Tomasz Dąbrowski, the director of the clinical research and telemedicine department of the NEUCA Group (and the president of the management board of Pratia SA).

Internationally renowned and experienced medical staff is one of the greatest assets of the Małopolska Medical Centre, at the core of which is prof. dr hab. n. med. [MD, PhD] Wojciech Jurczak, who at the same time is also the head of the hematology department of the Jagiellonian University and prof. dr hab. n. med. [MD, PhD] Mariusz Korkosz, the head of the rheumatology department of the University Hospital in Krakow. The centre’s experts are also the authors of numerous publications in specialist international periodicals.

The merging of both entities will enable us to achieve even greater effectiveness of multi-channel recruitment for clinical trials, focusing on patients from different therapeutic areas. – We approach each project individually and prepare a dedicated strategy to reach patients, taking into account the needs of the Sponsor or CRO. And thanks to channel diversification, we are able to implement these goals more effectively – emphasizes Tomasz Dąbrowski. – The most important common link for both companies was, is and will be the Patient, and their comfort and safety.

Currently, Pratia is comprised of ten professional medical facilities located in the largest cities in Poland. Our activity is based on the mission of facilitating access to health care and improving the quality of life and the feeling of safety of our patients. We conduct clinical trials carried out in over 20 therapeutic areas, such as dermatology, oncology, pulmonology, diabetology, immunology and orthopedics. We offer our partners new cooperation opportunities and a wider range of participation in clinical trials for patients. The network’s output includes approximately 13,000 patients enrolled in clinical trials. In addition, each year about 1,000 new people receive a chance to be included in programs with modern treatment methods. In addition, the Pratia network completes around 12,000 study visits per year, carrying out over 200 projects.

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