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With Pratia International Site Network you can gain access to 30+ professional Research Sites across 4 countries. We continuously expand our geographical footprint to support you in a bigger number of locations worldwide ensuring long term stability of the network. Our mission is to increase patients' access to clinical research.

At Pratia Site Network we focus on bringing together professional and experienced investigators and patients. Our diverse site model covers a wide scope of therapeutic areas and gives our clients access to both ambulatory and hospital facilities depending on the requirements of a particular project. We are particularly proud of Pratia owned oncology units that combine professional ambulatory oncology setup with clinical research flow.

Start-up and feasibility

In order to meet the expectations of sponsors and CROs, we created a dedicated Start-Up Team, which diligently responds to inquiries as a part of the feasibility process (on average within 2-3 days), and guarantees fast and effective contracting.

Fast recruitment

Each clinical trial is a challenge. We approach each project individually and prepare a dedicated strategy for recruiting patients, taking into account the needs of the sponsor or the CRO company.

Quality Assurance

We place great emphasis on compliance with the applicable quality principles and GCP guidelines by implementing a uniform standard of procedures (SOP), process control, and training, which is supervised by our Quality Assurance Department.

Our mission is to increase patients' access to clinical research.


We believe every patient deserves an optimal and innovative treatment. The Patient’s interest and wellbeing and a skillful trial recruitment process are key to deliver top-quality research findings to our Partners and to see a real change in the market.


By being close to people, we constantly improve the quality of our projects thanks to our understanding of Patients' and Partners’ needs.


With expanding access to wider Patient groups and innovative solutions, we systematically increase the availability of our clinical trials and improve the quality of research findings. Thanks to this, we can easily undertake global challenges.

Our unique value offering

Our diverse site model covers a wide scope of therapeutic areas and gives our partners access to ambulatory and hospital facilities as well as Pratia’s owned oncology units professional ambulatory oncology setup.

Therapeutic expertise

Following market expectation, we continuously strengthen our capabilities into new therapeutic areas. Still, oncology continues to be the leading therapeutic area of clinical research globally. We have successfully managed to conduct oncological studies in a dedicated research site model.

Understanding the patient

While increasing our geographical footprint we stay connected to the local healthcare system and community. Whilst respecting and understanding regional differences, we harness our global operations advantages into local specific Research Sites.

Digitalisation (#GoRemote)

We are in the vanguard of the site network digital solutions. Technology is the spinal cord expected to ensure quality and consistency across our site network. We have implemented technologies to reduce sponsor time spent on project oversight and monitoring.

Leadership team

Tomasz Dąbrowski
CEO Pratia, Head of Clinical Trials NEUCA GROUP
Łukasz Bęczkowski
Executive VP, International Operations
Wojtek Szczepanik
Executive Director International Site Network
Maciej Jurkun
Executive VP and COO Poland
Anna Titkova
Director of Operations, Pratia Ukraine
Ole Dammann
CEO of KFGN, Board Member of Pratia

Our footprint

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