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Pratia Warsaw offers a wide range of diagnostic tests and medical consultations. Diagnostic tests provide valuable information which is the basis for reliable and accurate diagnosis of many diseases. All tests are carried out by experienced and qualified employees using high-class medical equipment.

At Pratia Medical Center in Warsaw, we perform laboratory and imaging tests including:

ECHO [diagnostic cardiac ultrasound]

Echocardiography - this test uses sound waves (ultrasound) to assess various structures within the heart, large vessels and blood flow. It also provides a continuous display of the functioning heart muscle, valves, and thus detects irregularities. The echo of the heart is a non-invasive and completely safe examination for the patient.

Ultrasound of liver; veins, arteries

Ultrasound imaging is a test that allows you to visualize the tissues and organs, thanks to the use of ultrasound waves, and thus making it possible to detect many diseases. The examination is thorough, painless and can be repeated many times.


During the test, lung volumes and capacity, as well as airflow in the lungs and bronchi at various stages of the respiratory cycle are measured. Spirometry is designed to determine the ventilatory reserves of the respiratory system. The test is performed using a device called a spirometer. Spirometry helps in the diagnosis of respiratory diseases such as asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The test is painless.

Resting ECG

Electrocardiographic examination illustrates the recording of the electrical activity of the heart and thus enables the detection of numerous cardiovascular diseases. In many cases, an ECG is a necessary test for diagnosis as well as the monitoring of pathological conditions and treatment effects. ECG tests are performed in our Center by qualified nurses and electro radiology technicians and interpreted by experienced doctors.


In addition, we refer patients to PET scans without queues! Paid examination: PLN 4,700.

Specialist medical consultation

In addition, you can arrange a specialist medical consultation in the field of:

● rheumatology;
● cardiology;
● neurology;
● pulmonology;
● gastroenterology;
● nephrology;
● diabetology;
● urology;
● medical rehabilitation/physical therapy;
● dermatology;
● vascular surgery;
● and family medicine.

Cardiological care

Are you looking for cardiac care? The Cardiology Clinic for Children and Adults Kardiofon cooperates with us! The official website of Kardiofon

Want more detailed information? Call and ask!

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