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What are clinical trials?

Clinical trials are special research programs based on the observation and assessment of the effectiveness of new treatment methods. Clinical trials also confirm the effects, efficacy, and safety of medicines – both those already used and those that have been introduced to the market.

In the clinical trial process the most important element is the patient, his/her comfort and safety. Patients can count on comprehensive and specialist medical care without queues. Their participation in a clinical trial is a personal and unique contribution to the development of medicine and pharmacy.

Why clinical trials?

Participation in clinical trials is intended for all willing patients who meet certain medical criteria. That is why information about the health condition, illnesses, and treatment to date play a significant role.

The doctor conducting the clinical trial should provide the patient with all information about the program, its possible benefits, and explain any potential doubts. As a result, the patient can make a deliberated decision with an awareness of the effects of participating in such research.

Therapeutic areas in which we conduct clinical trials

Patient reviews

In the case of RA, for which I have suffered for 8 years, there is no one proven drug, and the disease can not be completely cured. But medicine is constantly looking for effective therapy that will help patients like me. It would not be possible without clinical trials.


Wielu pacjentów boi się udziału w badaniach klinicznych, ale zupełnie bez powodu. Jako pacjentka w badaniu klinicznym
otrzymałam opiekę doświadczonego lekarza specjalisty, a także terapię, która w przyszłości może pomagać pacjentom z cukrzycą typu 2.


Personal contribution to the development of medicine – this is how I can summarize my participation in a clinical trial. Participating in the study
I knew that I could help future generations in the fight against Parkinson’s disease and finally felt that as a patient, I have great medical care.


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