Start-up and feasibility

In order to meet the expectations of sponsors and CROs, we are dedicated to the Start-Up Team, which diligently responds to inquiries as a part of the feasibility process (on average within 2-3 days), and guarantees fast and effective contracting.

Contracts for conducting a clinical trial are finalized on our part within 2-3 weeks. Most importantly and undoubtedly our competitive advantage, is that the same timeframe also applies to our hospital facilities.

Less than 14 days to sign
the contract

Fast recruitment

Each clinical trial is a challenge. Each clinical trial is an adventure. We approach each project individually and prepare a dedicated strategy for recruiting patients, taking into account the needs of the sponsor or the CRO company.

We have at our disposal a database of patients, online campaigns, a dedicated medical call center, and above all, an experienced and motivated team in our centers. We believe that thanks to channel diversification, we are able to find patients quickly and cost-effectively.


Fast recruitment

We place great emphasis on compliance with the applicable quality principles and GCP guidelines by implementing a uniform standard of procedures (SOP), process control, and training, which is supervised by our Quality Assurance Department. Thanks to this we ensure that data and results obtained in trials conducted in our Centers are reliable and accurate and that the rights, integrity and confidentiality of the persons being examined are protected.

Bearing in mind the improvement of the quality of services offered to clients and patients, we are constantly improving our processes and conducting a satisfaction survey among clinical trial participants in our centers.

Quality Assurance

  • 13000 patients included in the studies
  • 700 studies conducted
  • 26 positive audits
  • 23 diagnostic areas


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Study Start-Up Manager

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